Community invited to discuss what goes into deciding where to build fiber next

76 percent of Chelan County has access to Chelan PUD’s super-fast broadband network. Customer comments during strategic planning included clear support for continuing efforts to build network access to even more locations.

To keep the conversation going, Fiber staff is inviting the community to three open houses to talk about what goes into deciding where to build access next.

The open houses are 4:30-6 p.m. on:

  • Oct. 8 – at the Leavenworth PUD office, 222 Chumstick Hwy
  • Oct. 9 – at the Entiat Fire Hall, 2200 Entiat Way
  • Oct. 10 – at the Manson Grange Hall, 157 E. Wapato Way

Chelan PUD is committed to reaching 85-90 percent of the county as a Public Power Benefit (PPB) project funded in the previous strategic plan, said Mike Coleman, Fiber and Telecom managing director. Plans call to reach the goal by the end of 2025.

“Our Board of Commissioners has directed us to reach as many locations as possible with the funds provided under the PBB buildout, and that’s reflected in their vision to provide the best value for the most people for the longest time,” Coleman said. “During our recent round of strategic planning we heard many comments from our customers, and we’re investigating ways we might reach the PPB goal sooner.”

There will be information “stations” at next week’s open houses with updates on:

  • Network status and this year’s construction
  • Criteria and timelines used to determine where to build next
  • Economic factors considered when evaluating new build zone
  • Chelan PUD’s search for technology to reach areas where building out fiber isn’t feasible.

“We know that broadband service is highly desirable,” Coleman said. “We’re looking forward to sharing information and getting feedback from the community about our fiber network.”

Chelan PUD provides wholesale broadband access to local providers offering retail internet, TV and phone service. Find information about the PUD’s wholesale broadband network at’s next for Chelan PUD Fiber.

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