Wet conditions provide new experience for Goat golfers

information and photos released by Coach Finch

A portion of the Girl’s Golf Team tried their hand at Westside golf on Monday, 4/17, when they attended the Burlington-Edison Invite at Skagit Golf and Country Club. The event, in its 29th year, is a modified format with team scores consisting of 3 x 18 hole scores and 2 x 9 hole scores, so many girls had the opportunity to play at this private country club.

Although we did not have enough players to compete in the team scoring, the three girls that played enjoyed the chance to play and meet girls from teams that we don’t typically compete against.

Luckily it did not rain while we were on the course, but it was a new experience for our girls to play in “wet” conditions, including winter rules and standing water. Playing 18 holes, Arabelle Finch (11) shot 114 and Kira Sandoval (12) shot 125. Malie Benson (12), in her first 9 of the season, shot 64.