“Jerry Isenhart Jr.” is Remembered by CHS Coaches, Team and Family

by Dennis Rahm

Chelan High School football players, coaches and boosters invite you to attend the 3rd annual Jerry Jr Spring Scholarship Football Game at Sargent field, this Thursday, June 7th at 6pm.

Entiat High School has accepted the offer to come up and play against Chelan in an interesting variation of 8-man and 11-man football.  CHS incoming 9-12th grade football players will play in this exhibition game in preparation for the coming season.

Head football coach, Travis Domser, indicated he would like to “thank Coach Bailey, the Entiat players and community for participating with us this year. Entiat, even though they play in the smallest football division, has shown a willingness to play anyone.”

In addition to matching up with the Tigers, the Chelan team will also play a Green vs. White intra-squad scrimmage. Chelan is in the midst of 20 Spring practices that continue through August 1st. Regular practice for the 2018 season will begin on August 15th.

At halftime, a $1,000 scholarship will be presented to a senior from the 2017 football season. The criteria for the scholarship includes writing a paragraph that describes how the applicant possesses and proves to have the same qualities, personal integrity and character that made Jerry Jr’s short 20 years so meaningful.

Scholarship awardees are also asked to enhance the meaning of the scholarship and demonstrate by their actions over the next 20 years that the world will benefit from a meaningful body of special men and women.

Coach Domser stated they will be selling a hot dog dinner, and encouraged everyone to come to the game hungry. With the help from the Chelan Athletic Booster Club, this event has raised over $3,500 dollars at spring games and they hope to continue the tradition this year.

Jerald Edson “Jerry” Isenhart, Jr. – March 28, 1994 ~ April 3, 2014 .  Photo used by permission of the Isenhart Family

Donations to benefit the scholarship fund will be accepted at the gates and during the game.

About Jerry Isenhart Jr. and the Scholarship in His Honor

The Isenhart Family, Chelan Football, and Chelan Athletic Boosters join as one to present an annual Scholarship in the name of one of the finest student athletes in the school’s recent history. 

Jerry (Jerald) Isenhart Jr, is a 2011 graduate of Chelan High. He was taken a year after his graduation, from a rare form of Brain Cancer. His fearless battle with his terminal diagnosis was so typical of the true character that had made him a true leader of his football team, Pancake King, Top Scholar, and Gentle Giant. 

Young Jerry packed a full lifetime into his short 20 years. As we remember and honor him through this scholarship, we are looking to recognize students who might share some of his qualities, characteristics and values.  

Jerry is remembered as a gentle giant and everyone’s friend. He was at his best when helping others. He thrived on personal growth and quietly set and met standards of excellence for himself.

Jerry was purposefully very disciplined in his life. He was seldom about himself but always about the team. It wasn’t always the football team that benefited from his calming, and guiding presence. It was felt wherever he was … at home, church, family, and school.

Jerry knew not of social or economic class. He saw everyone as equal and enjoyed friends, without prejudice, from all walks of life, He was at his best when he was helping others be and do better. Jerry was not naturally an athlete and his standout football success was the result of his own commitment to do the hard work necessary.

Jerry had time for anyone in need, and was always a good heart and ear for anyone to unload. Through Jerry’s memory and those that are recognized for their similarity now, we hope to perpetuate his characteristic impact into tomorrow and beyond. 


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